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About us

The origin of what we do

Choose the house of your dreams and be part of the largest community of Colivers in Spain

More and more people, like you, are working remotely or opting for a nomadic life that allows them to discover the world while they work, create new projects and share their lives with amazing people around the world.

Wetoget is more than just a website for booking coliving spaces in Spain. With us, in addition to finding your ideal home, you will be part of a community that shares your freedom and respects it.

Choosing the life you want and doing what makes you happy has never been easier.


Our purpose

It matters where and with whom, we take care of the how

At Wetoget we work every day together with the rest of Colivers in the sector to promote Coliving and the lifestyle of Digital Nomads.

Therefore, Wetoget occupies a space as a digitalising agent, offering different tools that help to optimise and grow the different spaces.


At Wetoget we believe in bringing people together as equals, living the life they want to live and forming communities around the world.


You choose where you want to live, with whom and when. We take care of the rest.


As digitising agents we work with the best Colivings in Spain offering tools that help bring real value and growth to the sector.

Who we are


Jaime Alonso


Creative by birth and responsible by nature, he seeks to grow every day in managerial areas to move Wetoget forward with his sacrifice.A lover of design, everything you see on Wetoget is created by him.

David Carrasco


When everyone else is working, he is still programming.As a digitalisation company, he pushes himself every day to bring the greatest value to the industry with his constant optimisation and automation ideas.

Juan José Guillén


A graduate in Tourism and Business Administration, he is in love with entrepreneurship and the Digital Nomad lifestyle.He is responsible for guiding and directing Wetoget’s strategic decisions and actions.

David Ávalos

Product Owner

David is one of those people who works tirelessly and supports anyone who needs it.A Frontend specialist, he is able to design and configure at the same time, the nexus of design and development, he makes sure that the product is perfect for Coliver.

Our commitment

We care for your dreams, the planet and the communities we create.

At Wetoget we are committed to people, the planet and the communities we work with.

That is why we work with collaborations that have good sustainability practices, we are committed to responsible tourism and we promote the development of rural areas.


octubre 2023

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