What is coliving?

Colivings (from the English Co-Living) are community residences that blend Coworking, networking and sustainable communities.

The coliving lifestyle is embraced primarily by digital nomads. That is, people who, due to the nature of their work and lifestyle, can carry out their work on a deferred basis, teleworking or traveling around the world.

Colivings are spaces where like-minded profiles share their experiences, where personal values are very important, as well as, creating professional synergies and holding events and activities. All this is done both inside and outside the home, thus getting to know the local culture and its community.
Many Colivings have a “Housemanager”, an expert who is in charge of managing the community, he proposes activities that strengthen ties between colivers and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone brings out the best in themselves. It should not be confused with Cohousing since these do not focus on professional synergy. Find out more about colivings in this article.

How to find a Coliving in Spain?

Right now, the Coliving in Spain is a great unknown but one that could benefit many people.

Wetoget was born as a helper to satisfy this need.

If you are looking for a Coliving in Spain, then you can contact us and we will take care of the rest so you can go to the Coliving that you like the most.

What can I expect from a Coliving stay?

A Coliving is a residence completely prepared so that you can move in, meet like-minded people and work without worrying about anything else.

Forget signing on services one by one and start enjoying everything that a Coliving includes:
• Fully furnished
• Housekeeping
• WiFi broadband at full speed
• Individual toilets
• Free streaming services
• Kitchen space and basic accessories
• Coworking spaces
• Community and networking
• Leisure areas
• Terrace or roof terrace and common dining area
• Events and activities related to the community

In addition, you can count on extra services depending on the Coliving space such as:
• Meeting rooms
• Laundry service
• Swimming pool
• Gym
• Barbecue
• Game room

All of this is included in a monthly fee.

Why live in a Coliving in Spain?

Spain is one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world.

Spain has everything a digital nomad can look for:
• Mild climate for most of the year
• The days with the most daylight hours in all around Europe
• Some of the best beaches in the world, with more than 720 blue flag certs
• Wide variety of destinations for all tastes, historical and cultural heritage
• Rural, cosmopolitan, coastal cities, and so on
• International, national and local gastronomy valued as one of the best and most varied in the world
• Affordable prices for all kinds of experiences and resources
• Economic access to all types of food, making it easier for you to follow a specific diet
• A festive atmosphere with all kinds of offers: popular festivals, nightclub areas, etc.
• An open and welcoming culture with any type of person, regardless of their origin or condition

How can I become a Coliver?

A Coliver is a person who is part of an established community in a Coliving. There are two types of Colivers, those who focus on:

Unique experiences: Those people who decide to disconnect from their frenetic pace of life and live for a limited period in a Coliving where they share space with like-minded people and where they can find opportunities to expand professionally and socially.

Fostering a lifestyle: Those digital nomads who live for a period of time in a Coliving and change their residence periodically to expand their horizons while being part of similar and sustainable communities.

If you think you can fit in any of these two or simply want a lifestyle like that, you are already a Coliver. All you have to do now is book your Coliving space in Wetoget.