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Once you have created your account, navigate to your profile and choose the “My Listings” option.

Add new coliving

Inside “My Listings,” click on “Add New” to add a new coliving space. You will be able to visualize the presentation card of your coliving during the uploading process.

The available booking modes are monthly and weekly. By choosing “monthly,” reservations will be for a month, and by selecting “weekly,” reservations will be for a week. Later on, you can configure the minimum and maximum number of weeks or months required for a reservation request to be valid.

Within this step, you will fill in the following information:

  • Title: Coliving name
  • Description: Description of the coliving space. In this input, you can use various text editing tools like in any classic text editor (headings, italics, bullet points, alignment, etc.). Additionally, you can edit in HTML format, which can be very useful for adding a unique style. In this field, you can include information about the city, nearby attractions, details about the local culture, etc.
  • Number of bedrooms: Total number of bedrooms in the coliving space.
  • Number of guests: Total number of guests that can be accommodated in the coliving bedrooms.
  • Number of beds: Total number of beds available in the coliving space.
  • Number of bathrooms: Total number of bathrooms in the coliving space.
  • Number of rooms: Total number of rooms in the coliving space, including common areas.

Within this section, you also have the option to add opening and closing hours for each day. If filled out, you should include the opening time, closing time, and indicate if the coliving space is closed on any specific day.

In this step, you will first fill in the general price that will appear on the coliving card. This price will be indicative as each room will have its own price. It is recommended to use the price of the cheapest room as the general price.

Additionally, in this step, you will add the following prices if necessary:

  • Cleaning fee: Monthly or weekly cleaning cost (depending on the selected mode) that will be charged for each reservation.
  • Municipal tax: Monthly or weekly city tax (depending on the selected mode) that will be charged for each reservation.
  • Security deposit: Coliving security deposit that will only be charged in the first payment of the reservation.

In this step, we will add the images of our coliving space (maximum 50 images). These images will be displayed at the general level of the coliving and not specific to each room. Each added image can be removed using the trash bin icon, and you can select the cover photo using the star icon. The cover photo will be the one visible on the coliving card.

Furthermore, we have the option to add a video URL, which will appear as a preview on the coliving page.

In this step, we can select the services and facilities available in our coliving space and its surroundings.

*If you have any other amenities that are not listed, please discuss them with the Wetoget team to explore the possibility of adding them.

In this step, you should fill in the address of the coliving space. Additionally, you can specify, if desired, the house number, municipality, province, country, and postal code (although they are not mandatory). Some of this information will be automatically filled in when searching and selecting an address in the “Address” input.

Furthermore, if you cannot find the exact address in the search, you can drag and move the marker on the map to place it at the correct location.

In this step, we will add all the available rooms in our coliving space. The minimum number of rooms is 1, and all rooms must have all the required information filled out. The data for each room includes:

  • Room name
  • Number of guests
  • Number of beds
  • Bed type: individual or double
  • Price: room price.

In this final step, we can fill in the minimum number of months or weeks required for a reservation to be valid. This data is optional, and it is not necessary to be added. If you do not specify a minimum and maximum duration, a reservation can have any length. However, it is recommended to set the minimum duration to at least 1.

By clicking on the green “Submit” button at the bottom right corner, we will upload the coliving details.

After creating the coliving or making edits to the information, Wetoget will review and approve the new coliving or changes to ensure there are no irregularities. This approval process is typically almost instant, but it may take up to 24 hours in some cases. Once the coliving is approved, it will be visible to users on the platform.

Editing Coliving

When editing a coliving, you can modify all the data that was filled during its creation. The interfaces for editing are the same as explained in the tutorial on how to create a coliving.

The only difference with adding a coliving is the editing of date availability in the calendar. To do this, you should go to the “Calendar” selection, located at the end of the editing options. From there, you can make changes to the availability of dates for reservations.

Within the “Calendar” section, at the top left, you will find the room selector. By default, the first room will be selected. On the right-hand side, you will see the “Reserve Period” button, which will be explained later. Lastly, there are navigation arrows on the calendar to switch between months.

Importing iCal

By importing iCal, iCal urls can be added to update the calendar of the selected room in Wetoget using external calendars from other platforms.

To add an iCal it is necessary to provide the url and a name to identify it and differentiate the different iCal saved.

Once added, the data must be saved using the “Save feeds” button.

To update already saved iCal, it is necessary to open the iCal import of a room and click on the Save feeds button.

In addition, the platform will internally update the saved iCal every 4 hours, the dates present in the used iCal will be marked as unavailable (grey colour), while the dates not present in the calendars will be marked as available again (green colour).

Exporting iCal

Through the iCal export you can download the iCal of the selected room (.ics file) or you can get the link to the iCal of the room to use it on other platforms to synchronise and update the calendars.

Below, we see the calendar with the selected month. Additionally, there is a legend at the bottom to help us understand the meaning of each date’s color:

  • Red: Reserved date
  • Green: Available date
  • Gray: Unavailable date

Red represents dates with approved reservations managed through Wetoget, gray represents unavailable resereved periods through Reserve period option and green represents that the room is available.

Finally, the available and unavailable dates can be changed using the Reserve Period button. This button will open a modal window where you can enter four pieces of information:

  • Action: If you want to disable or enable dates.
  • Start date: The start date of the period.
  • End date: The end date of the period.
  • Number of rooms: the number of rooms that you want to disable or enable.
Additionally, any approved reservations that fall within the selected range will not be modified. Moreover, if some dates within the range are already converted, they will not be altered.

These are the same data that are filled in when creating the rooms in the creation of a coliving. In the case of editing, there is a selector at the top left that allows you to change rooms.

In the editing of the room you can choose whether or not to allow additional guests. In case of allowing additional guests, the monthly or weekly price (depending on the type of coliving) of the additional guest must be specified.


In the edition it is also possible to add date periods with specific prices. Each period consists of a start date and an end date. This date range can be of any size, the only premise is that the end date must be later than the start date.

As for the prices, you can specify the price (monthly or weekly) of the room and the price per additional guest (in case the room allows additional guests). These prices, once added, can also be deleted in the table below. Even if a date range has less or more days than a month/week, the price will be taken as monthly or weekly.

For example: if for a monthly coliving, a date range has 20 days and its price is 30€, the daily price for those 20 days will be one euro, since the 30€ will be divided by the 30 days of a month.

In the same way, for a weekly coliving with a period of 5 days where the price is €7, the price during those 5 days will be €1, since the price of the period will be divided by the 7 days of a week. The same rule will be applied for date ranges longer than a month or a week.


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