Bugalü is more than just a bar, it is the center of the digital nomad lifestyle in Valencia. It is located in the heart of the Valencian capital, in the neighborhood of Carmen, a unique place to meet people who want the same as all of you, that is meeting people and getting to know the local culture.

As part of its philosophy of sustainability, the place is laid in a refactored ancient bread oven.

Are you going to miss this story?

It is said that the ovens were built in the 18th century and that they were integrated into the building in the 1950s. In 1972 a pub license was obtained and “El Forn pub” was opened, a pub integrated with these ovens where you could have cocktails , some aperitif and listen to music. In September 2021, Bugalü Bar arrived at this establishment, which maintained the initial structure with a modern and avant-garde touch, a style that enhances its commercial name Bugalü.

What you can expect from Bugalü Bar?

Bugalu Bar is a place where you can drink cocktails while you listen to music with live DJs and also have the most appetizing snacks at a totally affordable price. In addition, they carry out events and activities in the establishment, promoting the community of digital nomads and making them feel at home. In this space you will not only find selected music, an exquisite service, a captivating atmosphere or some of the best cocktails in the city, but you will also be able to join a community with Colivers who live in Valencia.

How do they contribute to the Coliver lifestyle?

Bugalü is the ideal place for digital nomads, a meeting point for Colivers in their spare time. You can have fun, meet like-minded people, even telecommute without feeling out of place. From the Wetoget team we like to talk about them as the starting point of a digital nomad Valencia in its first onboarding, the first place to visit to locate yourself and collect some information while establishing personal and professional relationships to start this adventure.