We are very proud of our collaboration with Gravity Wave. Their proposal is focused on cleaning the plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and using it 100% to make tools and design objects. These self-declared “Plastic Fishers” have been collecting and transforming waste for 5 years.


Gravity Wave emerged in 2019, a project born from the restless minds of entrepreneurs who wanted to change the world. They specifically wanted to contribute with their work and effort to the sustainability of the planet. And how is it born? due to the experience of its founders during they stay in Asia where they experienced first-hand the pollution of plastics in the seas and oceans, a fact that touched them very deeply and they decided to put an end to this growing negative impact.

Let’s talk about circular economy…

This article is not about closed and boring theoretical aspects, it is about a true story of sustainability and a corporate operation that is committed to the environment. One that brings together people who really want to create a positive impact on the planet To meet such an ambitious goal a procedure is definitely needed, one with circular economy as its foundation.

The project collects plastic from the seas and oceans through a network of fishermen and with those kilos of gathered plastic they manufacture ecological, unique and avant-garde design furniture, removing this polluting material from the sea life and preventing it from spilling over again.

And how does this contribute to the Coliving sector?

It is no longer sufficient just the work of a team leading this initiative, we need the collaboration of all of you. For this reason, they carry out different collaborations to reach this initiative under their objective of generating zero waste. These furniture and objects are used by Colivings to decorate and furnish their entire space with sustainable materials and have a greater commitment to the environment.