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What is Coliving?

Our definition of Coliving

Coliving is a form of collaborative housing in which residents share common areas and, in some cases, even rooms.

A growing trend for digital nomads, it is also popular with young professionals, students and people looking for a more communal lifestyle.

One of the main characteristics of coliving is interaction and community building, and common spaces, such as kitchens, living rooms and recreational areas, are designed to encourage meeting and collaboration between residents and include a coworking space where they can work and share ideas and create professional synergies.

It has therefore become an attractive option for people looking for a different, collaborative and communal form of housing, this combination of social, professional and innovation aspects makes coliving a very attractive option for profiles that until now did not have a space that met their specific needs.

Tenant profile

Coliving attracts diverse groups of people with different profiles, such as young professionals, students, digital nomads, expatriates and seniors.

Digital nomads, in particular, find coliving an ideal option due to their ability to work remotely and the possibility to travel constantly.

These colivers are looking for shared workspaces, a support network and a community that allows them to connect with other professionals and have an enriching experience while travelling and learning about different cultures.

Each coliving community has its own focus and may attract a specific group of people, but it is important to remember that these profiles are generalisations and that coliving tenants can have diverse profiles, ages and interests.

Benefits of Coliving

– Community and Networking: Be part of a group of like-minded professionals and create personal and professional synergies with people from all over the world.

– Inspiring workspaces: The entire space is designed to inspire your creativity and achieve community productivity.

– Flexibility and Adaptability: Live the life you want according to your projects, clients and schedule with 24-hour workrooms in your own home.

– Cost Reduction: Share expenses and space together with your fellow Colivers, save on office rent and utilities.

– Events and activities: Take part in activities both inside and outside the home to get to know the rest of the community and the local culture.

– Additional support and services: Administrative assistance, networking events and amenities that will enhance the quality of community life.

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