If you are wondering what Coliving is, at Wetoget we have the answer you are looking for.

Coliving is a new lifestyle that combines a community residential model with teleworking and networking. These are residences where like-minded people live, generally digital nomads.

It should not be confused with Cohousing, since in these spaces only housing is shared. However, in a Coliving there are more added values such as unique experiences that shape a totally new lifestyle: the Coliver lifestyle.

Coliving features

The features that a Coliving must include are:

  • Home: A Coliving is, above all, a home.
  • All-included: true Colivings include all the necessary features in stay price, such as, supplies and resources. This is a great comfort since there is no need to worry about hiring services of any kind. In addition, it represents a saving if you had to pay each invoice separately.
  • Community: it is essential for the Coliving to generate communities. To achieve it, they usually hire a “House Manager” who works towards growing the community interactions and relationships. It is very useful for those who arrive in a new city, as they find here an excellent starting point to meet people and discover new horizons in company.
  • Discovery: Colivings are the starting point to discover everything that the destination you are going to has to offer. It opens a door to discover the local culture, its gastronomy and much, much more.
  • Events: Colivings also organize events dedicated to digital nomads and the Coliver lifestyle.
  • Coworking: In a Coliving space, in addition to live, you can also work. It is specifically designed so that remote workers or teleworkers can carry out their work in an environment with many other professionals.
  • Freedom: The best thing about Colivings is the freedom they bring to you. Today you can live in Barcelona and in a few months in Madrid. You will have the freedom to live wherever you want.
  • Sustainability: Colivings seek sustainability as a core value. They optimize resources and favor practices that help preserve the planet.