More and more digital nomads and entrepreneurs want to be part of the Coliving experience because of all the comforts it includes. Beyond the possibilities of being part of a sustainable community, there is lots of aspects that are also included in the same offer. After all, this will be your residence and you need to be covered during your stay.

In summary, the “all-included” of a good Coliving must meet the following requirements:

  • Reception and House Manager.
  • Bills and supplies.
  • Dining room and kitchen.
  • Room with its own bathroom.
  • Fully furnished.
  • Housekeeping
  • High speed Wi-Fi.
  • streaming services.
  • Workspace and coworking.
  • Community services, events and networking.
  • Common areas for leisure.
  • Laundry service.

In addition, many usually include other services, although they vary according to the Coliving and the area. For example, it is rare to find a Coliving with a pool in a northern area.

Reception and House Manager

A Coliving usually has a reception where people are attended to for any need that may arise. Also, the Coliving must offer the House Manager service. That is, the person who is in charge of managing the community.

Bills and supplies

All bills are included in the booking for a Coliving bed. Water, electricity, gas, even telephone if the room has a dedicated one.

Dining room and kitchen

Typically, Colivings have an area where you can eat in group. In addition, most have a kitchen available. There are also other type of Colivings that include a small kitchen in the room itself, a model similar to that of aparthotels.

On the other hand, some Colivings also include a dining service. In other words, you won’t have to worry about preparing your breakfast, lunch and dinner since they will take care of that.

Room with own bathroom

Shared living may be one of the best things in the world, but we all want some privacy. It is possible that the room you live in is shared or individual, everything will depend on what Coliving you choose and the available offer. However, all rooms in a Coliving should have their own bathroom. In this way your stay will be much more comfortable and much more intimate.

Fully furnished

One of the strengths of the Coliver lifestyle is to live without being attached to material things. A digital nomad travels without much luggage, only with what is necessary. It would be mad if every time you change residence you need to carry furniture and utensils with you. So, that’s why the Colivings are responsible of putting these elements at your disposal.

Colivings generally include basic furniture in the room. That is, bed, wardrobe, coffee table, work table and chairs. From there, there are more premium rooms and other simpler ones.

Servicio de limpieza

Como en cualquier servicio de estancia, la limpieza es parte del precio del “todo incluido”. Dependiendo del Coliving esta se realiza a diario o cada varios días. Ahora bien, este servicio se basa en el respeto al espacio en el que vives. Lo lógico es que recojas tu habitación para que el servicio de limpieza se encargue de limpiar, y no de recoger.

High speed Wi-Fi

Among other things, a Coliving is something related to work. Since remote jobs require an Internet connection, and most current jobs are very demanding with the speed of fiber, Colivings are prepared for that.

A good Coliving must always have high-speed WiFi that allows all residents to work at the same time and to the maximum of their capacity. Otherwise it would not be realistic to offer these spaces for a profile as technological as the digital nomad.

Streaming services

It may sound like a whim, but it actually very important. Coliving spaces usually have Streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ so that colivers can enjoy a movie or a series in their moments of rest.

The goal is simple, to build community through something we all do: consume content on streaming platforms. After a hard day working, Colivers can stop by and give a rest to their minds watching something together. This strengthens the bonds between each other since it is an easy way to start a conversation and maybe even a great friendship.

Work and coworking space

How could it be otherwise, having a common room where all the Colivers can work and network is the backbone of the Coliving life model. In addition, there are also Colivings that have separate meeting rooms from the main area. In this way it is possible to use the Coliving as an office, with everything necessary for it. Logically, its use should be within the “all-included”.

Community services, events and networking

In addition to work, digital nomads are interested in going further and discovering the place where they live and their culture. For this reason, the good Colivings are in charge of organizing and announcing events of all kinds to:

  • Learn about the local culture and nearby destinations.
  • Carry out activities that strengthen the community.
  • Network, train or develop professionally.

Common areas for leisure

Although it is important, work is not everything in a Coliving. For this reason, it is normal for the “all-included” to include one or several common areas dedicated to leisure. In them you can do activities such as watching content on a projector, playing board games, ping-pong and much more. Of course, everything will depend on the Coliving you go to. For example, there are some that even include surfing in their activities.

Laundry service

The laundry service is usually one of the most changing from one Coliving to another. In some it is part of the “all-included”. In others you must pay extra to have it. In those, it is the Coliver who has to take care of it. Find out well before choosing your Coliving to see if it suits your lifestyle.

Other services available at the Colivings

Among to those mentioned, you may be lucky enough to join a Coliving that includes some extra service such as the following:

  • Swimming pool
  • Pets allowed
  • Alarm
  • Printer
  • Gym