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Benefits of coliving

Be part of a group of like-minded professionals and create personal and professional synergies with people from all over the world.

The whole space is designed to inspire your creativity and achieve community productivity.

Live the life you want according to your projects, clients and schedules with 24-hour workrooms in your own home.

Share expenses and space with your fellow Colivers, save on office rent and utilities.

Do activities both inside and outside the home to get to know the rest of the community and the local culture.

Administrative assistance, networking events and amenities that will enhance the quality of life of the community.

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Monetise your space and attract thousands of digital nomads using Wetoget’s own community

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Wetoget is a coliving marketplace that connects individuals looking for shared housing solutions. We provide a platform where people can find, list, and book coliving spaces, fostering a sense of community and completely different life experiences.

Becoming a host on Wetoget is easy. Simply sign up, create a listing for your coliving space, add details, upload photos, and set your pricing and availability. 

Our platform guides you through the process, and you can start hosting once your listing is approved.

You can upload your coliving by clicking here.

Yes, Wetoget takes safety and security seriously. We verify host identities, offer secure payment processing, and provide user reviews and ratings to help renters make informed decisions. Our support team is also available to assist with any concerns.

You can review our privacy policy, use of cookies or purchase conditions to see the site regulations.

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